1. It’s FREE to you people. I promise, this is not a myth. This is FACT. A buyer pays ZERO dollars to have a buyers agent. Even in new construction neighborhoods. Buyers will not save any money on sales price, closing costs, or even get more upgrades if they do not use a buyers agent. When a buyer walks into a new home community, writes an offer and does not use a Realtor, the builder pockets that extra commission that was saved. It goes right back into the builders hands, never into the buyers. Most onsite agents that work in new home communities actual PREFER buyers have their own Realtor, because the onsite agent represents only the builder. In addition, if a builder uses licensed agents as their sales representatives who are members of the National Association of Realtors – they must subscribe to the Realtor Code of Ethics. If the builder has a professional to advocate for them, it makes perfect sense to balance the equation with a buyer’s advocate working for your interests!!
  2. TWO words: Punch. List. You will have oodles of inspections and punch list items that need to fixed or that need attention and a buyers agent is there to be your second set of eyes, and act as the “bad guy” in pointing out these sometimes pesky details. It can be annoying when something just doesn’t work properly. Some builders will try to talk you out of the repair or just wear out your patience. This is where your buyers agent, handles the stress for you.
  3. Get it in writing. A good buyer’s agent is trained to get all terms in writing before closing. Sometimes even the very nicest builder makes verbal promises that later become a point of contention. An experienced buyer’s agent is conditioned and trained to “put it in writing” even though at the time it doesn’t seem necessary.
  4. Extra set of ears. A buyer’s agent serves as an extra set of ears as a witness at court or arbitration. When the builders sales representative is familiar with all rules, features and prices and it’s all new to buyer, it is good to have experienced person on buyer’s side listening with buyer and taking notes, a lot of information is verbalized in short period of time. It is your buyers agent to be able to help you navigate and understand all details of your transaction.
  5. Negotiate price or options. Often a buyer is fearful to even try to negotiate. It helps to know the style and background of various builders to better know what to expect. While it is true that there is not much negotiating in new home construction there are still sometimes extra incentives or possible closing costs that your buyers agent can try to negotiate for you.
  6. Price comparing. A buyer’s agent will help you do good job of determining price comparisons. A buyer’s agent is experienced in preparing a Comparable Market Analysis which is a similar process to comparing the best value in new home sites. What builder include what upgrades at no additional cost to you. A buyer’s agent will also help you compare New Construction vs. Existing Homes – The alternative continues to exist to buy a pre-owned home and measure the value vs. building brand new and putting in landscape, blinds etc. If you have a home to sell before buying new construction, it helps to have experienced person oversee this entire process.
  7. The good the bad & the ugly. Buyer’s agents generally have a better awareness of builder reputations, personalities and quirks. The real estate community is generally aware of the strengths and weaknesses of various builders. Some build a good home for a good value, but fail on customer satisfaction after the sale. Some are great start to finish. Some have reputations of poor quality workmanship or poor payment of sub-contractors. The more the buyer knows ahead of time, the better.
  8. Lending, title and closing. A major part of the home buying process is getting your home loan. The loan process is a lengthy, often confusing process. Your agent is there to refer you to a great lender who can get you approved, appraised, and closed without too many hiccups. A good buyers agent will walk you through each step of the lending process and communicate freely with your lender to get you into your new home asap. Your buyers agent will also work to complete title and arrange closing day, so that all is seamless for you.
  9. Alleviate stress. A good buyer’s agent serves as a good middle man.  They can remove and buffer emotions, frustration in a major transaction. A buyer’s agent can save a deal and be a peacemaker. Many a transaction was ready to “crash and burn” until a skilled cool headed negotiator brought the parties back together. A buyer’s agent saves the buyer tim, energy and stress. This allows buyers to focus on their own family and work areas of their own expertise. Home purchase and construction can be a very involved complicated process with loans, title and survey issues, financial concerns etc. It is your buyers agents duty to alleviate as much stress and complication as possible.
  10. Educate & inform. There will be many questions along the way and lots of real estate jargon. A good buyers agent has your back all the way to the finish line and is there as your trusted confidante from start to finish. Stunning new home subdivisions are popping up all around Atlanta and Metro Atlanta, for more information and to begin your path to home ownership contact Mrs.Rogers Real Estate today at (678)926-9811 or email:


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